• People are looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  • Not interruping them by paid advertising (They are not in a buying mode).
  • Once you start ranking, you can consistent visitors for free!

SEO Step by Step: How does Google rank websites?

  1. Relevant content to user search quary.
    1. Informational ( Very important )
      • How to…?, Reviews…,Definitions….,News….
    2. Navigational: A particular website or location.
    3. Transactional: For buy or spend money.
  2. Links: Are other websites linking to me? ( Am I Popular? )
  3. Click thru rate. Ex: (Title)Top 10 Bali 5 Star Hotels: Find Best 5 Star Accommodation in Bali. (Description)Goya Resort. 3.5 out of 5.0 ….
  4. Time Spent
  5. Speed
  6. Mobile freindly: Chek it in responsinator(dot)com.
  7. Make the user happy, solve a problem or give Value.

SEO Step by Step: Finding Profitable Keywords.

  1. Local
  2. Blog (Personal)
  3. eCommerce

Find keywords which are related to exactly to what you have to offer. Why? Easier to Rank, Less Competition and Satisfies the visitors.

Example KW Research: Local SEO

  1. Brainstorm keywords that people would type in to find you.
  2. Look at your competitors website or pages.
  3. Ex: Carpet Cleaning Business In Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Find keywords competitors are targeting (list). (google, menu and titre: websites)
  5. Uber Suggest (or Google keyword planner : active AdWords campaing) (complet list)
  6. Analyse and Check level of competition (Download Moz Bar Extension)
  7. Manual check (Title, Headings, Meta Descriptions, Content and Overall Website)
  8. Link check (Ahrefs)
  9. SEMRUSH for the ranking of keywords competitors.
SEO Step by Step: Finding Profitable Keywords.
SEO Step by Step: Finding Keywords
Ways of Monetizing a Blog
1. Affilate Links
2. Feelance work, Agency, Tour and Services
3. Merchandise: physical products or anything like that as well like t-shirts.
4. Software

Ex: Travel Blogger
Randomly Blogging: Top 10 places in ... to visit blog post.
(More searching,more sharable post, so more link!)
Momentize: through affiliate links. You might partner up with some local businesses/hotels= Affilate programs
Promote Luxury Products/destinations (Commission).
However, Cheap or Budget Keywords might have more volume.

Hogan Chua

Semrush 7-Day Free Trial: Semrush (Spying on competitors) backlink finder

KWFinder: (Great for getting Keyword difficulty)

Uber Suggest: (Free ‘Google Keyword Planner’)

Serpbook: (Easy Solution for tracking keywords)

Ahrefs: (Great for Backlink analysis)

Themify Ultra: (Best Drag & Drop Builder)

Smartblogger (dot) com: How to write a blog post.

Backlinko (dot) com


Brian Dean’s SEO Tips

How Google Works: A Ranking Engineer’s Perspective By Paul Haahr (SlideShare)

15 Best SEO Tips

  1. Short Urls
  2. Amazon for keyword ideas
  3. Optimize your Title Tag for CTR (Click Through Rate) : Google Look for changes in click patterns.
  4. Publish Content more than 1,890 words (maybe 5000 words): Create a high value ressource.
  5. Use Title Tag Modifiers: Best blue fluffy slippers 10 1/2 size free shipping. Some of my favorite title tag modifiers are: The current year, “best”, “review”, “free shipping”, “checklist”. = The Best Blue Fluffy Slippers (Free Shipping). (Url contain my title keywords)
  6. Use numbers in your title tag to boost CTR: Headlines with numbers 36% more of clicks!
  7. Use Two Step email outreach: White hat backlinks from authority sites in your industry.
  8. Broken link building: Check my links chrome extention
  9. Choose Keywords with strong commercial intent: It is the likeihood that someone searching for a given keyword will buy from you. Ex: Premium Yoga courses (NOT free Yoga videos). Yes, a keyword’s search volume and competition are important. But before you decide on a keyword, make sure it has at least some commercial intent.
  10. Delete underperforming pages: Don’t create low quality and no value add pages. Having lots of excess pages on your site is bad for SEO.
  11. Optimize your videos around “Video Keywords”. You need to make sure thatthere are already video results for that keyword.
  12. Use Reddit for keyword research.
  13. Link out to authority websites in every piece of content that you publish.
  14. Hack Wikipedia for Keyword research: Links and contents.

Seo step by step: Google Ads

Click on Experienced with Google Ads/ Create an account without a capmaign/submit.  Tools and Settings/Keyword Planner / New Keyword. (Check Language and location) Choose very Avg. monthly searches + other keywords.